PLEASE READ the following texts with rules, payment clarifications and general terms to answer any questions you may have about your commission request.

POR FAVOR LEER los siguientes textos con reglas, aclaraciones de pagos y términos generales que responderán las preguntas que puedas tener sobre tu pedido de comisión.


  • All communications are done via e-mail from the very first moment a commission request is made. This is due to the fact that social network’s usernames are difficult to track and sometimes might mess up different customers requests and, to be honest, I cannot remember them all. For me to keep all messages organized is that I always insist on contacting via e-mail. It helps me plan ahead in a more efficient way and, in the long run, it will be better for you, the customer. 
  • Provide as much references as you can which will help me understand your idea and get to a finished illustration that you will be happy with.
  • Hostile conduct will not be tolerated. Any insult, bad manners or words, and/or discriminatory behavior will result in the rejection of your commission request.
  • Themes I draw: anime, pets, real and fictitious people or characters, mecha, furry.
  • Themes I don’t draw: vore, gore or NSFW.
  1. A paid, customized illustration request (from now on, commission) can be made through comments and/or direct messages in my social media profiles or through contact form on this website.
  2. After receiving the commission request, I ask for an e-mail address to reach out.
  3. One pencil sketch with watermark is made in the following 2 days after the initial e-mail.
  4. After the pencil sketch is approved by you, full payment is made.
  5. Commission delivery should be between 5-15 work days after payment was made.